BioImplant ITN ESR Induction Event – Reflections: Flavia Caronna (ESR 10)

The first BioImplant training event was held at the National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG) on the 26th -27th September 2019. All Early Stage Researchers attended the Event, nine of them came to Galway travelling from Ireland, UK, Spain and Germany, while three joined via Vscene. After a warm welcome given by Peter McHugh (NUIG), head of the School of Engineering, and a brief project introduction by Ted Vaughan (NUIG), BioImplant ITN Project Coordinator, all ESRs introduced themselves and their project. Together with BioImplant ITN partners, some lecturers and researchers from NUIG Biomedical Engineering department joined the meeting, actively contributing to the technical and scientific discussions. Later, Ted described in detail BioImplant project objectives, structure and research programme, explaining the role of an Early Stage Researcher. From the Training Committee, Eimear Dolan (NUIG) and the Training Coordinator William Ronan (NUIG) gave an overview of the training programme, highlighting the role and importance of workshops, network and external events, progress reviews and supervisors.

Eva Barrett, as BioImplant ITN Project Manager talked about good research practice, dissemination, communication and project reporting activities required from the ESRs. At the end of the first day, Fraser Buchanan (Queen’s University Belfast) gave an introductory scientific talk about bioresorbable polymers. A Barbeque dinner was then organized for the evening at the Harbour Hotel Galway, where all ESRs and supervisors had the opportunity to get to know each other, network, share experiences, opinions and ideas in a sociable environment.

Representatives of Industry and Academic partners from all over the consortium joined the meeting on the second day. Two scientific talks were given by Alexander Kopp and Killian Reuss from Meotec GmbH (Aachen, Germany) about Magnesium-based bioresorbable materials, and Stefan Jockenhövel from the University Hospital of the RWTH Aachen (Aachen, Germany) about clinical perspective on interventional cardiovascular surgery. ESRs briefly presented their projects to all partners, thus having the chance to discuss their work with leading European experts of the Medical Devices field. After technical group meetings for discussing each project individually, the meeting was closed.

For an ESR, the first BioImplant ITN Network event was a stimulating opportunity for learning while being inspired by people with different cultures and expertise, committing to work together for contributing to the genuine advancement of science and technology.

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