ESR project 1

Project Title: Material and process optimisation to develop stiffened polymer bioresorbable vascular stents


Project Description: This project will investigate the effect of processing conditions on the physical and mechanical properties of polymer-based bioabsorbable for vascular stent applications. A range of strategies will be investigated to improve mechanical properties of bulk polymer, such as optimising stretch-blow moulding parameters to enhance directional stiffness and yield properties. Post-processing techniques to improve surface properties will also be investigated to further enhance material properties. Physical, mechanical, and biocompatibility (via cell culture) performance of newly developed bioabsorbable polymer composite materials will be evaluated. Finite element models will be developed of processing conditions and subsequent deployment to evaluate influence of processing on biomechanical performance during implantation.  The project will culminate in the fabrication of a prototype bioabsorbable polymer vascular stent and functional testing will be completed.


Host Academic Institution: Queens University Belfast (QUB), Northern Ireland, UK

Host Industry: Boston Scientific Limited (BSL), Galway, Ireland


Lead Supervisors: Dr. Alex Lennon (QUB), Dr. Aiden Flanagan (BSL).

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