ESR project 10

ESR 10

Project Description: Development of novel bioabsorbable materials for orthopaedic implant applications with optimised mechanical/degradation properties, using innovative fibre spinning and textile structures


Project Description: This project will develop novel textile macrostructures with tailored fibre placement technology to improving strength and stiffness properties in specific directions for orthopaedic implant applications. Coupons of developed materials will be manufactured and characterised to detemine mechanical/biocompatibility. There will be an investigation into the synergistic property enhancement with post-processing techniques. There will be development of a model for tissue healing to predict how biomechanical forces drive tissue in-growth around implants. A fibre-based bone scaffold for critical defects will be designed with optimised structure and fibre placement to maximise vascularisation and in-growth potential. This prototype design will then be manufactured and functional testing will be completed in the conclusion of this project. 


Host Academic: National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG), Galway, Ireland

Host Industry: ITA TextilTechnologieTransfer GmbH (ITA), Aachen, Germany


Lead Supervisors: Dr. William Ronan (NUIG), Markus Beckmann (ITA).


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