ESR project 2


Project Title: Design, development and characterisation of novel polymer- and ceramic-based coating technologies to control degradation rates for magnesium alloy stents


Project Description:  This project will investigate the potential of processing techniques in reducing the corrosion rate of bare-metal magnesium devices. The potential of a novel coating technology to enhance corrosion properties of magnesium will be investigated. There will be an exploration of the potential of ultra-thin flexible ceramic coatings to enhance corrosion properties of magnesium.  Testing of the degradation of magnesium samples to discover optimal coating and coating processes will be completed. Numerical degradation models will be used to inform and optimise implant and coating design for a vascular stent. In the concluding stages of the project a prototype stent will be manufactured and functionally tested.


Host Academic Institution: Queens University Belfast (QUB), Northern Ireland, UK

Host Industry: Boston Scientific Limited (BSL), Galway, Ireland


Lead Supervisors: Dr Savko Malinov (QUB), Dr. Jan Weber (BSL).


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