ESR project 3


Project Title: Modelling and design of a polymer bioabsorbable, spiral laminar flow (SLF) stent for peripheral artery applications, to deliver optimal flow and mechanical performance.


Project Description: This project will develop and implement numerical models to accurately simulate the degradation of bioabsorbable polymers. Polymer samples will be manufactured and then experimentally tested to determine degradation and mechanical performance. Numerical models of degradation will be used to predict polymer stent degradation. Clinical imaging data will be used to develop model reconstructions of diseased vessels. Degradation and general performance of a bioabsorbable stent will be assessed using these models in fluid-structure interaction simulations. This project will end with the optimisation of a design of an optimised bioabsorbable stent incorporating spiral laminar flow technology and controlled degradation.


Host Academic: National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG), Galway, Ireland

Host Industry: Vascular Flow Limited Ltd. (VFT), Scotland, UK


Lead Supervisors: Dr. Ted Vaughan (NUIG), Craig Dunlop (VFT).


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