ESR project 5


Project Title: Selective laser melting of magnesium powder materials to optimise mechanical performance and degradation rates and development of novel orthopaedic trauma plate.


Project Description: This project will develop novel magnesium powder materials for additive manufacturing focussing on controlling degradation and investigate combining with stiff reinforcements (e.g. HA ceramic and Titanium) to produce novel metal matrix composites. Additive manufacturing processing conditions will be evaluated in order to optimise mechanical performance of magnesium constructs. Potential of ceramic hydroxyapatite and degradable polymer coating technologies to control degradation of fabricated magnesium materials will be carried out. Characterisation of the physical, mechanical and biocompatibility performance of the additive manufactured magnesium materials is required. Numerical models will be developed and implemented for the design of a novel orthopaedic trauma plate that minimises implant material volume in this large-scale implant by tailoring structure and architecture (e.g. porosity) at the micro-level through additive manufacturing technology. The end goal of the project is the manufacture of a patient-specific implant prototype based on geometric data obtained from micro-CT imaging and complete functional testing.


Host Academic: Queens University Belfast (QUB), Northern Ireland, UK

Host Industry: Meotec GmbH, Aachen, Germany


Lead Supervisors: Dr. Savko Malinov (QUB), Alex Kopp (Meotec).


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