ESR project 6


Project Title: Post-processing effects and prediction of long-term performance for bioresorbable composites for vascular stent and orthopaedic implant applications


Project Description: This project will investigate and quantify the effect of post-processing procedures on the physical properties and long-term performance of bioabsorbable composite devices and that any adverse late-stage cell responses are highlighted. Sterilisation techniques such as irradiation and chemical processes as well as surface-specific and emerging sterilisation techniques will be investigated. Accelerated ageing protocols will be developed to address the specific challenges of composite materials. Performing comprehensive experimental characterisation of the mechanical performance and assessment of long-term in vitro cell response for composites in the degradation process will be studied. The project will study of the effect of several sterilisation procedures on the properties of the new composite material systems.  Performance enhancements opportunities for post-processing via irradiation technologies will be identified as deliverables for this project.


Host Academic: Queens University Belfast (QUB), Northern Ireland, UK

Host Industry: Boston Scientific Limited (BSL), Galway, Ireland


Lead Supervisors: Prof Fraser Buchanan (QUB), Dr. Jan Weber (BSL).


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