Swati Nandan (ESR 3)

Swati Nandan

Nationality: Indian


With keen interest in solving complex mathematical models and playing with simulation softwares, I am Swati, a passionate Chemical Engineer. I have a Master of Science in Engineering from Technical University of Denmark in the area of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering and Bachelor of Technology from India. My areas of research interest and experience revolves around Polymer Science, Rheology of materials, Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Experimental work and Mathematical Modelling. With clear motivation to work in an international environment and in the area biomedical applications of polymeric materials, I am a part of the Bioimplant H2020 MSCA Project. Through this project, I wish to utilize my skill set and experience for the welfare of the society and make a difference in the health sector.

My Research

The goal of my research project is to design and optimise a covered bioresorbable polymeric stent incorporating spiral laminar flow technology and controlled degradation properties for peripheral artery applications which will be carried out at National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) and Vascular Flow Technologies (VFT). It involves manufacturing and experimental investigation of the functional performance of several candidate bioresorbable covering materials. An ex-vivo test platform will be developed to evaluate cell response towards stent deployment under physiological flow conditions. Based on information generated from experimental testing, further design optimisation will be carried out to incorporate VFT’s Spiral laminar flow technology (SLFTM) into the device platform and proceed to final prototyping and manufacturing

Host Institution