Training Program

The objectives of the BioImplant ITN training program are:

  • Each ESR will develop core technical skills throughout all elements of the Supply Value Chain (see Figure 1.3), i.e. (i) Materials development, (ii) Manufacturing processes, (iii), Characterisation and (iv) Application Design, which will be acquired locally within host academic and industrial environments and secondment opportunities, based on the scientific objectives outlined within each ESR project.
  • Provide advanced technical skills training to ESRs on advanced topics in all core elements of the Supply Value Chain through network-wide training events, delivered based on the complimentary expertise of consortium participants.
  • Deliver key transferable skills to ESRs in areas such as communication and dissemination through a series of network-wide training events to enable ESRs to excel in both academic and non-academic environments.
  • Provide network-wide training on interdisciplinary aspects of medical implant development, such as clinical engagement and commercialisation/entrepreneurship.
  • Promote international mobility of ESRs through inter-sectoral placement and secondment opportunities between participating countries of the consortium