BioImplant Innovative Training Network (ITN) is a European Industrial Doctorate (EID) programme that will provide world-class multidisciplinary skills to 12 Early-Stage Researchers through an integrated research & training programme in the area of bioabsorbable medical implant development. 

Bioabsorbable materials are a category of biomaterial that gradually degrade when implanted in a biological environment. They have the potential to form the basis for the next-generation of vascular and orthopaedic medical implants as they can reduce the need for revision surgeries and avoid biocompatibility issues associated with conventional permanent implants. However, several issues relating to poor mechanical properties and/or uncontrollable degradation behaviour of current materials has presented significant technical challenges to the medical device sector. Furthermore, the stringent regulatory requirements associated with a “step-change” technology in the industry has formed a barrier to innovation in the field of bioabsorbables.


Programme Vision

The programme vision of the BioImplant ITN is to develop improved bioabsorbable materials for medical implant applications and deliver technical, interdisciplinary, and transferrable skills training to the Early-Stage Researchers throughout all stages of the development process.


This next-generation of medical implants will be realised through technological innovation throughout the development process, including novel material development, advanced manufacturing technologies, robust characterisation and predictive capabilities and innovative application design. All ESRs on the BioImplant ITN will have active involvement in all stages of the development process and the programme will culminate in the development of several functionally superior vascular and orthopaedic bioabsorbable medical implants.

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The BioImplant ITN will also deliver a structured training programme that will enable the ESR community to innovate, develop and translate implant technologies from a clinical need to a commercial product. This integrated training programme placing research excellence at its core with advanced technical skills through hands-on research and structured training courses provided by the consortium network. The ESR community will also gain international and intersectoral experience through planned industrial placements and secondments, enhancing career development and employability and promoting their development into leading innovators in the European medical technology sector.

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